Ital Goods
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100% Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil




Extravirgin Olive Oil

Extravirgin and organic, Cecco olive oil is made from a blend of Correggiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Olivastra olives. This selection of olive cultivars produces a well-balanced oil, distinctive and refined in both flavor and aroma.


Cecco oil is made exclusively from olives grown on Monte Amiata in Tuscany. Located in the province of Grosseto, Monte Amiata is situated 1,150 to 1,300 feet above sea level.

The olives used to make Cecco oil are traditionally harvested: by hand. The hand-picking of the olives, which usually takes place during the month of November, ensures the olives are not damaged, which guarantees the high quality of Cecco olive oil. Within eight hours of the harvest, the olives pass through the olive press, which consists of two circulating discs that crush the olives. The process occurs on site, in the oil mill of La Poderina Toscana.


La Poderina Toscana approaches every phase of production with care and precision. The use of innovative machinery optimizes the extraction process and ensures the preservation of the oil. The machinery works in a controlled environment that prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the oil during the bottling process, which is crucial to maintaining the superior quality—and distinct aroma—of the oil.


Once processed, Cecco oil has an intense aroma of freshly-cut grass and artichoke stems, as well as the delicate fragrance of almonds and pine nuts.

The company

Who are we?

Ital Goods is an Italian company founded in 2017 by three friends, Italo, Antonluca, and Paolo Valerio, who have always shared a passion for Italian products.


The idea to export Italian products to the United States came to fruition after Paolo Valerio moved to the United States with his Italian-American wife in 2014. He noticed that authentic Italian food products were lacking in the American market, and he, together with Italo and Antonluca, resolved to introduce some of Italy’s best products to Americans. Italo and Antonluca immediately set out to find the best products Italy had to offer, focusing their attention on fine organic foods.

What do we do?

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Ital Goods, which is why it focuses its attention on a limited selection of fine products. In aspiring to export the very best Italian foods, Ital Goods is committed to finding and providing niche products—those that are not widely available even in Italy. Ital Goods products are made by local artisans whose trade preserves age-old traditions in food production, guaranteeing a high-quality product.

Who do we serve?

Ital Goods serves a clientele that values both quality and originality, both in the products they buy and the lifestyles they lead.

8:00 am

The traditional method of hand harvesting in order not to damage the olives

10:00 am

Crushing phase in which the olives are crushed and undergo other processes

12:00 am

Extraction phase: the heart of the manufacturing process

4:00 pm

Bottling phase: carried out in a controlled environment to prevent oxygen from coming into contact with the oil

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